endota collaboration

endota Christmas 2022

endota is the indigenous word meaning "beautiful" and I can say it certainly lives up to its name.

Thrilled to be Collaborating with this iconic amazing Australian brand

Very excited to have 3 artworks selected for their 2022 xmas range. 

artworks are as follows 


"u got this"  x2 versions 

Inspired by faith, hope and love, the U GOT THIS SERIES features painted projections of positivity reminding people to always back themselves and remain happy, even when the chips are down. It also celebrates the kaleidoscope of colour Melbournians embraced in their fashion and art post COVID lockdowns when the freedom of personal creativity was released en masse.

"go your own way"

Inspired by epic road trips where the journey becomes the destination, GO YOUR OWN WAY is all about tuning in, dropping out and taking it easy as you drive towards your chosen destiny — a few intersections, twists and turns to navigate along the way. 

Taking it easy, slowing down and doing things your own way in your own time. 



You can view the collection here