Canvassing Good Vibes



Welcome to The Sorrento Studio. An artistic playground for Mornington Peninsula-based contemporary artist Jackie Green. With a background in freehand signwriting and custom-made signage, Jackie brings her eclectic fusion of typography and iconography into the free-flowing world of abstract expressionism. She creates via two modus operandi — Urban Rhythm and Coastal Contemplation. Her urban-inspired works layer pastels, neon, lettering and symbols in vibrant creations depicting the intoxicating energy of a modern urban buzz. On the flip side, her Coastal Contemplation direction draws inspiration from the raw beauty of nature captured in muted, natural tones and organic elements carefully considered to evoke a sense of seaside serenity. Whichever way you see it, it’s clear that every work is lovingly created to canvas good vibes only.      





In the realm of Urban Rhythm, Jackie draws inspiration from time spent in Melbourne and other culture-rich cities she’s visited worldwide. The flicker of neon signs, colours of fashion and interactions of everyday people laid out on canvas to the tune of a thriving cityscape. This is where the modern metropolis of concrete dreams blends grit and glam in works embodying what it means to live an inspired urban life — pastels dynamically personified to the 24/7 pulse of the pavement.      





Amid Coastal Contemplation, Jackie turns to her Sorrento backyard and finds a natural muse in Mother Nature. Whispers of the sea, tides of tranquillity and the stillness of sands are laid bare in works imagined to bring a state of effortless, joyous calm. This is serenity rendered in a symphony of organic coastal treasures found and blended in a mortar and pestle, then applied with natural tones, providing visual textures akin to those discovered wandering the ephemeral shores of the meandering coastline.